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Scrum for Scale-ups

  • News flashes agile (Collin and Samir style)
  • Agile definition
  • Het verhaal van een Scrum Master
  • Successen Google, Facebook, Spotify
  • Manier van samenwerken
  • Customer first

Over the next weeks, you'll be getting access to new modules with new lessons every week, to help walk you through the process of creating a healthy, flexible, and productive way of working.

Whether that is from the office or from home, or a hybrid combination.

Click the play button below to watch the quick intro video below so you know what you can expect these coming weeks. Then, keep reading down the page for your next steps to take after the video.

Scrum for Scale-ups course

Live & online

Become a certified Agilist and master the project management, effective teamwork, and practical skills that are the foundation of an agile mindset.
2 weeks
28 videos
2 workshops
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Module 2 - Scrum: A framework to start working agile

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