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Boost Team Productivity with Agile Retrospectives

37x your team's productivity with agile retrospectives

Our Retrospectives course provides a practical approach to help tech teams overcome productivity challenges and improve teamwork.

Winner Miroverse 2022 Awards
Winner Miroverse 2022 Awards
Hey there! 👋 If you like my YouTube videos and Miro templates, then you'll love this course.

It will help you to:

  • 🌱 Go from beginner to advanced retrospective facilitator.
  • 🤩 Prepare and run engaging retrospectives.
  • 🤝 Increase your team's level of accountability.
  • ↔️ Get started with asynchronous retrospectives.
  • 💡 Never run out of retrospective ideas.
  • 🧩 Prevent boring and repetitive retrospectives.
Arthur von Kriegenbergh

Arthur von Kriegenbergh

Founder, Workshop Wednesday

Course Curriculum

The step-by-step system to prepare and run retrospectives.

With eight videos, you’ll learn, practice, and apply the right team-improvement principle to improve any team's productivity.

Retrospective Course module 2 preview: Preparing Retrospectives the foundations
8 min video
Practical ways to choose the right Retro topic for your team.
Retrospective Course module 2 preview: Save time with Miro templates
8 min video
Learn how to use Miro and the 7 Steps of Effective Retrospectives to save hours of preparation work.
Retrospective Course module 3 preview: How to run engaging retrospectives
20 min video
Become a better facilitator for any meeting using the 7 Laws of Engaging Retrospectives.
Retrospective Course module 4 preview: Build habits with your team
10 min video
Help your team become high-performing with the 4 Laws of Behaviour Change, and the Habits Scorecard.
Retrospective Course module 5 preview: A little less conversation (A little more action)
6 min video
Retrospectives without action items are a waste of time. Learn how to increase your team's level of accountability.
Retrospective Course module 6 preview: Make your retros async.
8 min video
Prepare your team for asynchronous-first collaboration, by making your Retrospectives less disruptive.
Retrospective Course module 7 preview: Preparing retrospectives level 2: How to create retro agendas
23 min video
Watch me turn an idea for a Retrospective into a Miro template, and learn how to do this yourself.
Retrospective Course module 8 preview: Preparing retrospectives level 3: Picking the exercises.
16 min video
Learn how to pick and create engaging exercises using my Retrospective Design System.

Q: “Is this course for me?”

Team Leads

You are responsible for one (or more) teams and want to help them be more productive, happy and engaged.

Agile Coaches

You've run Retros before and want a structured, time-saving approach to run effective team workshops.

HR Professionals

You want to increase employee engagement, and create a feedback culture, so teams can work better together.

55% of CEO's say internal lack of trust is a key threat to their business.

Why take this Retrospective course? And use the templates?

Do you feel like your team can be more productive, or do you want to feel more connected with your team members?

It can be difficult to figure out how to lead your team to high performance.

Teams struggle to identify and fix collaboration issues early on. This can often lead to frustration and low productivity.

This on-demand course will teach you how to run retrospectives like a pro. You'll learn how to facilitate agile retrospectives so that your team can get 1% better every day. Plus, our retrospective templates are designed to make the process easy and fun for everyone involved.

P.S. Don't worry, if you feel scared to run your first Retrospective. I remember how nervous I was before facilitating my first Agile Retrospective. That's why I've made it really easy to get started with a click.
Arthur von Kriegenbergh
Arthur von Kriegenbergh
Founder of Workshop Wednesday,
Agile Coach with 10+ years experience
Course Reviews

Here's what people think of the course.

"I had a unsatisfied feeling about retro’s without action points and low engagement. Those retrospectives felt like a total waste of time (for me and the team). The course helped to increase engagement and give retrospectives the right structure that create clear action points that we circle back to."
Thomas Peters

Thomas Peters

Agile Lead @ Bynder

"I had never facilitated a retro before and wasn't sure what was necessary. The good short videos were broken up nicely and never felt overwhelming. In my first retro we had high levels of engagement.."

Christopher Bennie

Software Developer @ Crave Interactive

"My team went through this course and now I feel relieved that I'm not the bottleneck anymore when organising retrospectives. The additional benefit is that the group can learn from each other and has proven to be open to receiving and providing feedback."
Guido de Vries

Guido de Vries

VP of Software Development @ Crave Interactive

"Relief! Retros now seem less daunting. I feel there is still room for improvement in our team, but the simple explanations and examples in each video were extremely helpful."


Lead Software Tester @ Crave Interactive

"I felt a bit overwhelmed by how much information there was on retros. The videos were short, informal and information dense. I liked this style as it meant I could rewatch to learn more each time and pay attention for the entire video."

Calum Grant

Software Developer @ Crave Interactive

"I liked from the course that both the reasoning why retros can be useful is explained, as well as a more hands-on approach to how Miro can be used to facilitate retros. The Miro templates to put things into practise are very useful."

Floris Otto

Software Architect @ Crave Interactive


Learn my best team-improvement approach.

Arthur von Kriegenbergh profile picture
Arthur von Kriegenbergh
(Agile Arthur)
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Hi, Arthur here 👋 . In short, I:

  • 🤝 spent 12 years at the intersection of tech & teamwork.
  • 📈 worked as developer, agile coach, consultant and design sprint facilitator with startups, agencies, and corporates.
  • 🌎 have helped 200+ (virtual) teams worldwide to work better together, with each other and their customers.

I created this course to help people like you use retrospectives to build healthy team habits, improve your productive, be more valuable for your customers and have more fun while doing so.

You've seen what I do in my YouTube videos and Miro templates. Now it's time for you to copy my approach and do the same for your teams.


Start your course now.

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14 ready-to-copy Miro Retrospective templates
7 Steps of Effective Retrospectives Framework
Retrospective Design System in Miro
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30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

If you’re not happy with the course after giving it an honest try, just email before:

  • the 30th day following your purchase, and...
  • before you (or someone on your team) use your 4th Miro template.

I’ll quickly and promptly refund your entire payment.
I want to make this a no-brainer decision for you.


Got questions? We got answers.

Who is this course for?

This course is designed for a mix of professionals who want to start with facilitating retrospectives, and experienced facilitators looking for ways to save time to prepare high quality retrospectives. You can go through the full course at once, for a Retrospective masterclass. Or, pick the topics and templates that you want to use today to run your next retro.

Do I need a paid Miro account?

No, a free Miro account allows you to have 3 active Miro boards. You can either archive old Retrospective boards, or combine them on the same board.

How long does it take to complete the course?

Binge-watching all eight videos takes you about 90 minutes. Add to that, how much time you take to figure out Miro templates. For advanced Miro users this takes only a couple of minutes. For beginners up to 25 minutes per board. But you'll get faster with Miro quickly :)

Are the templates available in Mural or Lucidspark as well?

Not by design, and we don't have any plans for it.

Is this course only for team leads?

No, this course is designed for people who want to help their teams get better. We believe that everyone in a team is a leader, and has a responsibility to help the team improve. The better the whole team is at retrospectives, the faster you can grow together.

When does the course start?

You are able to start the course whenever and wherever you like.

How long will I have access to the course?

You get lifetime access and all future updates to the content are on us!

Is support included?

Yes, you will the support you need to get the most out of this course. For more advanced questions, we might direct you to one of our Agile Coaches.


Any other questions?

Arthur von Kriegenbergh profile picture

I'm here to help.

I'm confident you’ll love the program (hence the no-brainer guarantee). But if you still have doubts, I'm happy to answer your questions.

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