Learn-by-doing with a modern remote work curriculum

Our Program is setup to make you learn remote work step-by-step with a practical curriculum that focuses 100% on learn-by-doing. Unlike a lot of online courses who are just a bunch of videos, our Program teaches you the latest tools, workflows, and best practices.
Make hybrid working team agreements
Week 1

In the first week, you'll get to dive in and design your own Perfect Week while working location-independent, and apply parts of it to your own week. This is like putting on your oxygen mask first, before helping the others around you. It gives you the confidence and skills to solve any problem when it comes to working distributed.

  • Design your own perfect week
  • Set daily goals that don't burn you out
  • Doing weekly reviews to never forget anything
  • Capture all this in your personal Operating System in Notion
Remote communication & collaboration
Week 2

In week two you will focus on asynchronous communication, to create more flexibility, freedom, and better outcomes for yourself and your team. You'll be practicing to communicate asynchronously with your team, with text, audio, and video. By the end of the week, you have team agreements on what communication needs to be real-time and what can be done async.

  • Documenting everything (yes, everything)
  • Choose your tools for effective real-time communication
  • Using text, audio and video for asynchronous communication
  • Establishing a remote company culture
Turn meetings into (remote) workshops
Week 3

In the third week you'll apply your future of work skills to create and run your own Remote Workshops. You'll create your first workshop on your own, using agile methodologies to organise and plan your workshop. By the end of the week you'll have three workshops you can run with your team.

  • Create engaging online retrospectives to improve every week
  • Learn how to run User Story Mapping sessions in MURAL
  • Running asynchronous workshops to be innovative and flexible
  • Test your workshops and improve your online facilitation skills

How a typical week looks like

Our future of work Workshops are intense and it will be hard work. We pride ourselves on having a schedule that works for busy professionals around the world. Every step of the way you'll receive support from your teacher and classmates!

A typical week with Workshop Wednesday
From live classes with professionals around the world to collaborative remote work challenges. Our learning experience is action packed!
3-4 hours
Get started on the new videos and assignments (on your own pace)
Send in your asssigment
120 minutes
Interactive session to apply your learnings
20 minutes
Grab a 1:1 slot with your teacher to get feedback and ask any questions
4-week Hybrid teamwork Program

Work Together Async-first And Improve Teamwork.

A 4-week bootcamp for your team to redefine their way of working and learn the skills and principles to work async-first. Get more work done with async knowledge sharing, better project management, and fewer meetings.

Winner Miroverse 2022 Awards
Winner Miroverse 2022 Awards
Course Curriculum

The step-by-step program to work together async-first.

Within four weeks, your team will learn, practice, and apply the right collaboration principles, to work highly aligned and deeply focussed.

Learn-by-doing with our DEAL approach.

DEAL stands for Define, Eliminate, Asynchronous, and Liberate.

Retrospective Course module 2 preview: Preparing Retrospectives the foundations
Identify what's working in your team and what's not, replace self-limiting assumptions, and set your team's goal for these four weeks.
Retrospective Course module 2 preview: Save time with Miro templates
Create Team Agreements to work distraction free (meetings, notifications, emails), so you can all do your best work.
Retrospective Course module 3 preview: How to run engaging retrospectives
Have fewer and better meetings with your team, and become confident with async collaboration using our Async Template Library.
Retrospective Course module 4 preview: Build habits with your team
Hold new standards for your team, increase accountability and work from anywhere, laser-focused on outcomes.
Retrospective Course module 4 preview: Build habits with your team
Next Steps
Keep momentum on everything your learned during the course, and set a three-month team goal to keep improving 1% every day.

Plus, become confident with your remote tools and workflows.

Help your team to get the most out of your current tool stack and learn the latest remote work tools. Your team will learn the skills and practice async communication on priorities.

Google Meet
Real-time video conferencing used by hybrid teams to conduct meetings and workshops.
Zoom logo
Real-time whiteboard used by hybrid teams to brainstorm and collaborate in workshops.
Miro logo
Async video messaging for hybrid teams, used to get feedback and collaborate.
Loom logo
Google Drive
All-in-one workspace for hybrid teams to organise their work in a Playbook.
Google Drive logo
Google Chat
Real-time video conferencing used by hybrid teams to conduct meetings and workshops.
Google Chat logo

Q: “Is this course for me?”

Knowledge Workers

that want a flexible and productive workweek, while feeling aligned and connected with their team.

Team Leads

who want to better understand what's happening in their team, so they can help and support the team (without micromanaging).


who want to build a culture that (1) retains talent who track their team progress that align with company goals, and (2) onboard new employees in days (instead of weeks).

70% of millennials would quit their current job for more flexible work arrangements. Source: Flexjobs.

Why take our Hybrid Working course?

You don't need an office to be productive.

But most organisations are struggling with big challenges:
  • They have recreated the office online (causing people to burn out)
  • Social interactions don't happen (or feel awkward)
  • Meetings are ineffective, because people are missing (online) facilitation skills
This course will help you to leapfrog ahead of your competitors, giving you the tools, techniques, strategies and templates you need to master hybrid teamwork.
Arthur von Kriegenbergh
Arthur von Kriegenbergh
Founder of Workshop Wednesday,
Agile Coach with 10+ years experience
Course Reviews

Here's what people think of the course.

"I had a unsatisfied feeling about retro’s without action points and low engagement. Those retrospectives felt like a total waste of time (for me and the team). The course helped to increase engagement and give retrospectives the right structure that create clear action points that we circle back to."
Thomas Peters

Thomas Peters

Agile Lead @ Bynder

"I had never facilitated a retro before and wasn't sure what was necessary. The good short videos were broken up nicely and never felt overwhelming. In my first retro we had high levels of engagement.."

Christopher Bennie

Software Developer @ Crave Interactive

"My team went through this course and now I feel relieved that I'm not the bottleneck anymore when organising retrospectives. The additional benefit is that the group can learn from each other and has proven to be open to receiving and providing feedback."
Guido de Vries

Guido de Vries

VP of Software Development @ Crave Interactive

"Relief! Retros now seem less daunting. I feel there is still room for improvement in our team, but the simple explanations and examples in each video were extremely helpful."


Lead Software Tester @ Crave Interactive

"I felt a bit overwhelmed by how much information there was on retros. The videos were short, informal and information dense. I liked this style as it meant I could rewatch to learn more each time and pay attention for the entire video."

Calum Grant

Software Developer @ Crave Interactive

"I liked from the course that both the reasoning why retros can be useful is explained, as well as a more hands-on approach to how Miro can be used to facilitate retros. The Miro templates to put things into practise are very useful."

Floris Otto

Software Architect @ Crave Interactive


Learn my best
agile framework.

Arthur von Kriegenbergh profile picture
Arthur von Kriegenbergh
(Agile Arthur)
LinkedIn logo

Hi, Arthur here 👋 . In short, I:

  • 🤝 spent 12 years at the intersection of tech & teamwork.
  • 📈 worked as developer, agile coach, consultant and design sprint facilitator with startups, agencies, and corporates.
  • 🌎 have helped 200+ (virtual) teams worldwide to work better together, with each other and their customers.

I created this program to help teams eliminate the noise in today's business (back-to-back meetings, endless notifications, email overload, confusing priorities). Working asynchronous-first enables teams to build healthy team habits, and be more flexible and productive while doing so.

You've seen what I do in my YouTube videos and Miro templates. Now it's time for you to copy my approach and do the same with your teams.


Start the program now.

Self-paced course
Video Lessons (Learn, Practice, Apply)
Team Knowledge Base framework
Access to our Async templates library
Hybrid Work Certification
Upgrade to Team anytime
Lifetime access & updates
Get instant access
Everything in Individual, plus …
Access for up to 10 team members
30-minute Team Scan discovery call
One-on-one Personal Coaching for every trainee
Three 2-hour Live Workshops facilitated by an experienced Hybrid Expert
Limited spots (3 teams left)
Plan your Team Scan
30-day money-back guarantee

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

If you’re not happy with the course after giving it an honest try, just email before:

  • the 30th day following your purchase, and...
  • before you (or someone on your team) attended your 1st Live Team Workshop.

I’ll quickly and promptly refund your entire payment.
I want to make this a no-brainer decision for you.


Got questions? We got answers.

Who is this course for?

This course is designed for tech teams who want achieve more by working asynchronous-first, and for teams that want to redefine their way of working to be more aligned, flexible and less distracting. You can go through the full course with your team (recommended for organisation with 5 - 100 employees), or have leaders from different teams in your organisation join the program together (recommended for 100+ employees).

Do I need a paid Miro account?

No, a free Miro account allows you to have 3 active Miro boards. The boards in this course are hosted on the Workshop Wednesday Miro account during the course and can be transferred to you after the 4-week program.

How long does it take to complete the course?

🎯 Personal Coaching: 3 x 0,5 hours.
📹 On-demand Videos: 4 x 0,5 hours.
💪 Personal Work: 4 x 2 to 4 hours.
🤝 Live team workshops: 3 x 2 hours.

In total that adds up to ~5 hours per week, per team member, which will reduce time spent in meetings, knowledge loss and waste.
‍The overall program takes four weeks, and is designed to help busy teams feel less stressed and more in control. The effort your team puts in will show itself immediately, because they will practice their new skills on their current priorities.

What's the difference between hybrid and remote work?

Fully remote organisations don't have offices (but they usually meet in-person a couple of times per year). In hybrid organisations employees work together at an office (or co-working space) a couple of days per month, quarter, or even year.

Will this approach fit with our 60/40 hybrid model?

Yes, this approach will work for 60/40 hybrid models. However, during the program you might learn that there a more asynchronous models works better for you. If you want, book a call in which we can support you with figuring out the best approach for your whole organisation.

How fast can we start with the course?

Usually, within two to fours weeks. The course starts with one-on-one Coaching Calls for all your team members. To be able to schedule this, we need some preparation time to align our calendars with yours. Book a call to speed up this process.

How long will I have access to the course materials?

You get lifetime access and all future updates to the content are on us!

Is support included?

Yes, you will have a dedicated Agile Coach and Hybrid Expert guiding you and your team. For questions that we cannot solve ourselves, we might direct you to our network of Remote Experts.

What if my team is really busy?

This course will help your team save time, by mastering the tools needed to work more flexible and productive. It's like sharpening your ax, so you can cut down the trees faster. The course is designed to work with your current priorities as much as possible.

What's after this course?

You will be creating an adaptable way of working and set a team goal for the three months after finishing the course. Our Retrospective course and OKR course can help you achieve those goals faster.

Do I get a qualification?

Yes, you get a certificate from Workshop Wednesday that you’ve completed the course and you can display this on your LinkedIn profile and CV.


Any other questions?

Arthur von Kriegenbergh profile picture

I'm here to help.

I'm confident your team will love the program (hence the no-brainer guarantee). But if you still have doubts or want to talk about specific needs for your team, I'm happy to answer your questions.