3-week Hybrid Working Team Training

Build the team habits to work hybrid effectively

Learn the best hybrid work tools and techniques for tech-savvy teams, so you can work together whenever you want, wherever you want.
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70% of millennials would quit their current job for more flexible work arrangements. Source: Flexjobs.

Why take our Hybrid Working course?

You don't need an office to be productive.

But most organisations are struggling with big challenges:
  • They have recreated the office online (causing people to burn out)
  • Social interactions don't happen (or feel awkward)
  • Meetings are ineffective, because people are missing (online) facilitation skills
This course will help you to leapfrog ahead of your competitors, giving you the tools, techniques, strategies and templates you need to master hybrid teamwork.
Arthur von Kriegenbergh
Arthur von Kriegenbergh
Founder of Workshop Wednesday,
Agile Coach with 10+ years experience

You're perfect for this course if...

2020 was the first time you worked fully remote, and from now you'd like to work hybrid, or you would like to master async communication.


to create a flexible and productive workweek


to make team agreements and practice async teamwork

Team Leads

to lead productive, and engaged remote teams

Head of People

to create a flexible and productive work environment

Here's what you'll learn:

Define your own success

Get off the busy bandwagon, replace self-limiting assumptions, and get better outcomes in less time.

Eliminate the noise

Work distraction free, in agreement with your team, so you can all do your best work.

Be asynchronous-first

Work together with your team without real-time meetings, and be confident with the tools to do so.

Liberate full desk-days & Next Steps

Work from anywhere, focused on outcomes, and design your work around your life.

How the program looks like


Learn-by-doing with a modern remote work curriculum

Our Program is setup to make you learn remote work step-by-step with a practical curriculum that focuses 100% on learn-by-doing. Unlike a lot of online courses who are just a bunch of videos, our Program teaches you the latest tools, workflows, and best practices.
Make hybrid working team agreements
Week 1

In the first week, you'll get to dive in and design your own Perfect Week while working location-independent, and apply parts of it to your own week. This is like putting on your oxygen mask first, before helping the others around you. It gives you the confidence and skills to solve any problem when it comes to working distributed.

  • Design your own perfect week
  • Set daily goals that don't burn you out
  • Doing weekly reviews to never forget anything
  • Capture all this in your personal Operating System in Notion
Remote communication & collaboration
Week 2

In week two you will focus on asynchronous communication, to create more flexibility, freedom, and better outcomes for yourself and your team. You'll be practicing to communicate asynchronously with your team, with text, audio, and video. By the end of the week, you have team agreements on what communication needs to be real-time and what can be done async.

  • Documenting everything (yes, everything)
  • Choose your tools for effective real-time communication
  • Using text, audio and video for asynchronous communication
  • Establishing a remote company culture
Turn meetings into (remote) workshops
Week 3

In the third week you'll apply your future of work skills to create and run your own Remote Workshops. You'll create your first workshop on your own, using agile methodologies to organise and plan your workshop. By the end of the week you'll have three workshops you can run with your team.

  • Create engaging online retrospectives to improve every week
  • Learn how to run User Story Mapping sessions in MURAL
  • Running asynchronous workshops to be innovative and flexible
  • Test your workshops and improve your online facilitation skills

How a typical week looks like

Our future of work Workshops are intense and it will be hard work. We pride ourselves on having a schedule that works for busy professionals around the world. Every step of the way you'll receive support from your teacher and classmates!

A typical week with Workshop Wednesday
From live classes with professionals around the world to collaborative remote work challenges. Our learning experience is action packed!
3-4 hours
Get started on the new videos and assignments (on your own pace)
Send in your asssigment
120 minutes
Interactive session to apply your learnings
20 minutes
Grab a 1:1 slot with your teacher to get feedback and ask any questions

Become confident with your remote tools and workflows

Our courses are designed to make the best use of your current tool stack. On top of that you learn the latest remote work tools. You will practice async communication and get feedback from your team mates.
Google Meet
Real-time video conferencing used by hybrid teams to conduct meetings and workshops.
Zoom logo
Real-time whiteboard used by hybrid teams to brainstorm and collaborate in workshops.
Miro logo
Async video messaging for hybrid teams, used to get feedback and collaborate.
Loom logo
Google Drive
All-in-one workspace for hybrid teams to organise their work in a Playbook.
Google Drive logo
Google Chat
Real-time video conferencing used by hybrid teams to conduct meetings and workshops.
Google Chat logo

Ready to become future proof?

Select the path that works best for you. Join by yourself and share the learnings with your team, or join with your whole team for our tailored program.
Every Individual course includes
Personal coaching
Peer learning
Remote Playbook template
Lifetime access to all resources
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Learn-by-doing with your team's current priorities
Tailored to your business
Access to a dedicated Agile Coach for 3 months
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Frequently Asked Questions

Chances are at this stage you have a couple questions. We encourage our students to ask questions directly and you can arrange a quick call with us anytime.
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How many people are in a course?
Both the Individual and Team program has a maximum of 10 professionals. For us, it's important to keep these courses super personal. This personal model ensures we can support and motivate 100% of students to graduate and have an awesome experience.

What's the difference between hybrid and remote work?
Fully remote organisations don't have offices (but they usually meet in-person a couple of times per year). In hybrid organisations employees work together at an office (or co-working space) a couple of days per month.

Who is on the course with me?
In the Individual course you will be learning together with peers, so that you can share experiences and hold each-other accountable. In the Team course you have the same, but then with your usual team mates.

What is my team is really busy?
This course will help your team save time, by mastering the tools needed to work more flexible and productive. It's like sharpening your ax, so you can cut down the trees faster. The course design fits your current priorities as much as possible.

What's after this course?
You will be creating an adaptable team that sets a team goal for the 3 months after finishing the course. Our other online courses help you achieve those goals faster.

Do I get a qualification?
Yes, you get a certificate from Workshop Wednesday that you’ve completed the course and you can display this on your LinkedIn profile and CV.

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