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More focus and
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Learn together with your leadership team and master OKR goal-setting so you can give clear direction to the whole company and track progress.
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How the program looks like

Overview of the 3-month practical program, including personal coaching, access to on-demand videos, personal work, and live workshops.
Personal Coaching Call #1

Your trainer helps you to set up for success. In your personal Miro board you will get an overview and define your learning goals. This way you know exactly where to focus on and how to get the most out of this.

Watch videos on your own pace (modules 1, 2 & 3)

Master the basic concepts of writing inspiring Objectives and Key Results. Learn how to spot bad OKRs, and turn them into great ones. Once you've got the basics down, you will learn how to use OKRs to connect your vision to the daily execution of the team. But you start with the most powerful thing: Visualise and Quantify your strategy.

Scroll down below to see videos that are in the course.

Personal Work for the next Quarter

Combined with videos you work on your Personal Miro board. This helps you brainstorm ideas and practices creating a North Star Metric, OKRs for the next quarter, and initiatives that move those OKRs forward. You will work with important techniques to prioritize and focus.

You have two weeks do this work on your own pace, but the deadline is the first live workshop.

Live Team Workshop #1

This is where we will combine all the ideas

Work on the OKRs!

For the next two months your focus will be on your OKRs that you defined together in the live workshop. This will start your OKR heartbeat and allows you to remove roadblocks that you will hit along the way. Your trainer will be available via Slack or MS Teams to build in accountability, and help problem solving when necessary.

Watch videos on your own pace (modules 4 & 5)

Learn how to keep momentum with Weekly Progress check-ins and solve issues before they become problems. Next to that you will have a library available with common problems around OKRs that you might run into. The actionable advice helps you to solve those problems.

Personal Coaching Call #2

6 to 8 weeks after you have started with your OKRS, you will have your second coaching call to identify issues and opportunities for your personal growth.

Live Team Workshop #2

At the end of the OKR quarter you will reflect on the OKR process. This will help you to learn what worked well and what still needs to improved. In the workshop you will create an action plan for the next period. This allows you to either introduce OKRs to the rest of the company as well, or do another quarter with the leadership team first.

Ready to enroll?

This course includes 30+ simple and easy to understand video lessons. Made for busy schedules.
✅ How to Visualise and Quantify Your Strategy
Retrospective Course module 1 preview, showing the video and Miro board.
Learn how to draft a North Star Metric and list supporting leading and lagging indicators.
✅ How to Write Inspiring and Impactful Objectives
Retrospective Course module 1 preview, showing the video and Miro board.
Slice your strategy in 3-month goals and make them so inspiring the whole team loves it.
✅ Defining Measurable Milestones with Key Results
Retrospective Course module 1 preview, showing the video and Miro board.
Make it crystal clear to see if you're on track - or not. This helps you to act, not react.
✅ Make it actionable with Initiatives
Retrospective Course module 1 preview, showing the video and Miro board.
The last step before going into execution mode. Decide what you will DO to drive progress.
✅ Implementing the OKR goal-setting system
Retrospective Course module 1 preview, showing the video and Miro board.
"Goals without routines are wishes; routines without goals are aimless." - Verne Harnish
✅ Execution and Monitoring Weekly Progress
Prevent that you set and forget your goals, with easy and to-the-point check-ins.
✅ Being aware and solving common problems
Learn how to identify OKR pitfalls and make sure you don't step in them.
55% of CEO's say internal lack of trust is a key threat to their business.

Why buy our Objective and Key Results Course?

Do you feel like your team can be more productive, or do you want to feel more connected with your team members?

It can be difficult to figure out how to lead your team to high performance.

Teams struggle to identify and fix collaboration issues early on. This can often lead to frustration and low productivity.

This on-demand course will teach you how to run retrospectives like a pro. You'll learn how to facilitate agile retrospectives so that your team can get 1% better every day. Plus, our retrospective templates are designed to make the process easy and fun for everyone involved.
Arthur von Kriegenbergh
Arthur von Kriegenbergh
Founder of Workshop Wednesday,
Agile Coach with 10+ years experience

Learn-by-doing with a modern remote work curriculum

Our Program is setup to make you learn remote work step-by-step with a practical curriculum that focuses 100% on learn-by-doing. Unlike a lot of online courses who are just a bunch of videos, our Program teaches you the latest tools, workflows, and best practices.
Make hybrid working team agreements
Week 1

In the first week, you'll get to dive in and design your own Perfect Week while working location-independent, and apply parts of it to your own week. This is like putting on your oxygen mask first, before helping the others around you. It gives you the confidence and skills to solve any problem when it comes to working distributed.

  • Design your own perfect week
  • Set daily goals that don't burn you out
  • Doing weekly reviews to never forget anything
  • Capture all this in your personal Operating System in Notion
Remote communication & collaboration
Week 2

In week two you will focus on asynchronous communication, to create more flexibility, freedom, and better outcomes for yourself and your team. You'll be practicing to communicate asynchronously with your team, with text, audio, and video. By the end of the week, you have team agreements on what communication needs to be real-time and what can be done async.

  • Documenting everything (yes, everything)
  • Choose your tools for effective real-time communication
  • Using text, audio and video for asynchronous communication
  • Establishing a remote company culture
Turn meetings into (remote) workshops
Week 3

In the third week you'll apply your future of work skills to create and run your own Remote Workshops. You'll create your first workshop on your own, using agile methodologies to organise and plan your workshop. By the end of the week you'll have three workshops you can run with your team.

  • Create engaging online retrospectives to improve every week
  • Learn how to run User Story Mapping sessions in MURAL
  • Running asynchronous workshops to be innovative and flexible
  • Test your workshops and improve your online facilitation skills

How a typical week looks like

Our future of work Workshops are intense and it will be hard work. We pride ourselves on having a schedule that works for busy professionals around the world. Every step of the way you'll receive support from your teacher and classmates!

A typical week with Workshop Wednesday
From live classes with professionals around the world to collaborative remote work challenges. Our learning experience is action packed!
3-4 hours
Get started on the new videos and assignments (on your own pace)
Send in your asssigment
120 minutes
Interactive session to apply your learnings
20 minutes
Grab a 1:1 slot with your teacher to get feedback and ask any questions

Ready to master
OKR goal setting?

Everything you need to get started and help your team be more productive.
Every course includes:
3-month program with 2x live workshops
2x Personal Coaching Calls for every leader
30+ Bite-sized videos from Expert Agile Coach
Approach to introduce OKR to whole organisation
Agile Coach on stand-by via Slack or MS Teams
Ready-to-go Miro templates
Lifetime access to all resources
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Learn-by-doing with your team's current priorities
Tailored to your business
Access to a dedicated Agile Coach for 3 months
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