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How to expense our Design Sprint Facilitator Program

Many participants had their company pay for our courses. Even if your company lacks a formal training budget, you can still get your course reimbursed through these steps.


Send a quick message to your manager

Let your manager know you’re interested in a course that will help your team be more effective while working hybrid.

Hey boss, I just saw this Design Sprint Facilitator Program and I think it’d be really useful for our team. Can I email you the details?

Email your manager

Share in a short, personal email how this course helps you succeed in your role and with your professional goals. Copy and tweak this template as needed:

Hey boss,

There’s a Design Sprint Facilitator Program that I would love to enroll in. It's a guided, online course with peers who are in similar roles as me, and it's run by Workshop Wednesday. It’s 1497 EUR (excl. VAT) and the reviews are excellent. There are recommendations from Miro, ING, E.ON, and

The course is focused on learning-by-doing, so I'll be able to apply the principles and templates for our team. It’ll take me about four weeks to complete (4-6 hrs p/w). In short, it’ll help me improve our team's effectiveness by learning Design Sprint methods to improve my skills as a workshop and meeting facilitator. This way we can have fewer and better meetings, and have more creative input and problem-solving from the team.

The instructors are well-known in the industry. Their YouTube videos and Miro templates make it practical to apply the principles and strategies used by successful remote companies (Doist, Stripe, Gitlab, Basecamp).

Here’s the link:

Is it OK to expense this?

P.S. should we offer it to the team? (they can tailor the program to our team)

Follow-up after 3 days

Haven't heard back from your manager yet? Follow up with this reminder and show that your commitment and interest:

Hey boss, have you had time to look at the Design Sprint Facilitator Program I sent you?

I really believe it’d help us improve our team effectiveness and productivity.

Here’s the link:

Let me know,

Enjoy the course!

See you inside our courses! Investing in yourself and your team with a Workshop Wednesday course is a powerful to be more effective.

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