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Atomic Habits Retrospective

This team improvement workshop helps you to build better team habits and break bad ones. Habits are the “compound interest”of team-improvement.

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The Atomic Habits Retrospective is a workshop that helps you to apply the principles of James Clear's book Atomic Habits. Together with your team, you will identify what habits you want to build and break. Then, using the Four Laws of Behaviour Change, you will work towards concrete actions you can take together to get 1% better every day.

That 1% team-improvement will compound, and after one year you can be 37 times more productive.


How to download the

Atomic Habits Retrospective


  1. Click the button below, to open the template in Miro.
  2. In Miro, click on "Best Retrospective for Beginners" in the top-left corner, to open the board information.
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How can I copy and edit this template?

Create a free account for Miro (digital whiteboard). The template is created in such a way, that once you've copied it, you can use it for your team right away. Read the instructions here.

Do I need a paid Miro account?

No, a free Miro account allows you to have 3 active Miro boards. You can either archive old Miro boards, or combine this template with one of your existing boards.

Is this template for beginners or advanced Miro users?

Both. It's designed in such a way that you don't need Miro experience to use this template. More advanced users love the template structure and new ways of working in our templates.

Are the templates available in Mural or Lucidspark as well?

Not by design, and we don't have any plans for it. But, it's possible to import Miro boards into Lucidspark. For Mural there's no easy fix right now... :)

Is support included?

Yes, we will help you out where possible. For more advanced questions, we might direct you to one of our Agile Coaches or courses.