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Hybrid Team Agreements Workshop

This team-improvement workshop that helps you align about what you can expect from each-other to be productive. Wether that's from home, remotely or the office.

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What is the Hybrid Team Agreements Workshop?

Making team agreements can be difficult, especially when you work hybrid. Still, many people want to work hybrid, and combine working remotely with the office.

This workshop helps you and your team to create hybrid working agreements, so that everyone can have their freedom and flexibility. Still, you also keep being productive, collaborate with each other asynchronous, and hold each other accountable to agreements you made together.


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Hybrid Team Agreements Workshop


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How to do a Hybrid Team Agreements Workshop?

1. Breaking the ice

Learn what your team think is annoying what's most fun about not working an office. Everyone writes their ideas on sticky notes in silence, before sharing it with the rest. Keep this short and brief.

2. Home, co-working, or office?

Talk about what a regular week looks like for everyone. Do you prefer to work from home, a couple of days at the office, or from different locations? By better understanding everyone's preference you can identify possible issues with your current way of working.

3. How might we move towards async-first?

Working async-first is about rebalancing, so that you default to written documentation (instead of solving everything in meetings). This allows you to do more deep work and be less stressed. But, finding the right balance takes effort. Write down and discuss what thing you want to stop doing real-time, and start or continue doing async. Start by yourself in silence again, before a group discussion that's focussed on prioritizing the steps you want to take.

4. How do you we want to communicate async-first?

Not expecting an immediate response, might be a new skill for your team to build. Agree on core hours, which you use for real-time collaboration. Then work towards a core meeting day, and agree on how you handle urgent things, what channels you use for what, and how others can see if you're available.

5. Do we need recurring meetings?

Recurring meetings can be the heartbeat for your team. But, when done wrong they can be really non-productive and disrupt your flow. What recurring meetings does your team want? What needs to be prepared for the meeting? How can you turn the meeting agenda into a workshop?

6. How do we hold each other accountable?

Accountability is important for any team, no matter if they work async-first or not. Talk about accountability and how you can help each other be successful in making the team agreements a success. Social interaction and involving your stakeholders is a big part of that.

7. Next steps

Making Hybrid Team Agreements and then not living up to them, is a waste of time. That's why you want to close this workshop strong and define the experiments your team wants to try the next few weeks. When will you review if you made progress? And what are topics that you maybe want to talk about the next time?

8. Try to get 1% better everyday

Making team agreements might require you to change your habits and behaviours. Review the progress made after a week or two, and decide on next action items. Need help building new habits with your team? Have a look at our Atomic Habits Retrospective.


Got questions? We got answers.

How can I copy and edit this template?

Create a free account for Miro (digital whiteboard). The template is created in such a way, that once you've copied it, you can use it for your team right away. Read the instructions here.

Do I need a paid Miro account?

No, a free Miro account allows you to have 3 active Miro boards. You can either archive old Miro boards, or combine this template with one of your existing boards.

Is this template for beginners or advanced Miro users?

Both. It's designed in such a way that you don't need Miro experience to use this template. More advanced users love the template structure and new ways of working in our templates.

Are the templates available in Mural or Lucidspark as well?

Not by design, and we don't have any plans for it. But, it's possible to import Miro boards into Lucidspark. For Mural there's no easy fix right now... :)

Is support included?

Yes, we will help you out where possible. For more advanced questions, we might direct you to one of our Agile Coaches or courses.